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If we're ever going to get to know each other, I had better introduce myself. My name is Graeme Cowell. Intrigued? Find out more!

My Portfolio

Web Design, Branding, Illustrations, Advertising, Promotions, and some things with no context at all. Check it out.

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Want to find out more about me? Have questions about your next project? Want to just simply found out what's wrong with me? Email me and find out!

Website Design

Game Promotion Design


Web and Graphic Design.

I am a passionate and experienced designer who focuses on web, UX and brand identity. I have done work for a variety of industries which have given me strength in adapting a variety of styles.

My passion for design and development keeps me up to date with industry standards and best practices.

Branding. Design.

I can create logos, business cards, choose colour schemes and create all the things you need to start a brand. Designing a website is my favorite thing to do and I am well practiced in creating sites to push sign ups and sell products.

Development and Wordpress

Being able to design then develop the front end to a site gives me a strong advantage in making a concept reality. Using HTML, CSS and Jquery, I love to create engaging and powerful sites.

Wordpress is a tool I love to use and am experienced in creating new websites. Developing fresh themes for users and admins to have the experience that best suit them.


SEO optimization and analytics are important and I am familiar with both. Taking the steps in SEO can make all the difference for a websites success. Analyzing these things with Google Analytics are just as important. I have experience optimizing sites and reporting on results.

Technical Skills

Photoshop - UI/UX and Web Design

Illustrator - Vector and Logo Design

Development - HTML, CSS and Jquery

Wordpress - Design and Development

InDesign - Layouts

Microsoft Office - Excel and Powerpoint

Flash - Animations and Actionscript

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